NEWS: Adele & Andy to release 'Earl'

Following the success of Adele & Andy’s last single ‘As Much as I Miss you’ the duo are poised to release their ’Earl’ from their forthcoming EP

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Release: Friday 25th June

Adele & Andy are an award winning modern country duo based in Staffordshire, UK. The pair combine Adele’s silky and rich tones and Andy’s subtle, yet effective guitar playing, with lyrical content that is based on personal life experiences and storytelling that has received universal appeal. Since the self-release of their album ‘Watch Over You’ during lockdown 2020, the duo have gone from strength to strength as they build their fanbase worldwide consistently charting within the Top 10 UK Country iTunes and Hotdisc charts.

Earl is set in the deep south during the 19th Century. The subject works the cotton fields and is manipulated by the owner’s daughter who unexpectedly falls pregnant following a night stand with another boy. She flirts with Earl and subsequently accuses him of rape in an attempt to cover her shame. Earl is convicted but minutes after his execution is exonerated following the girl’s admission that he wasn’t ‘guilty at all’.

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