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NEWS: Adele & Andy pay tribute to the forces with their new single

"So emotional & powerful" "Everybody needs to hear this song" "Adele & Andy create stories like no-one else" "Quite stunning" "Wow. This is a work of art"

Adele & Andy are an award winning modern country duo based in Staffordshire, UK. The duo combine Adele’s silky and rich tones and Andy’s subtle, yet effective guitar playing, with lyrical content that is based on personal life experiences and storytelling that has received universal appeal. On Friday 30th, the duo release their brand new single ‘As Much As I Miss You’.

The track centres on a teenage boy who sadly lost his father when he was a youngster. The boy grew up knowing he had to follow in his father's footsteps and serve his country. "It was all he ever wanted to do." The track begins with the boy going to see his mum to let her know that he is off to war. She knows that this day is inevitable and tries to hide her emotions. The boy then visits his father at his place of rest and metaphorically is told by his father that "As much as I miss you, your momma she needs you more" (the underlining inference that if he dies they will both be reunited). The mother dresses him with a mixture of pride and trepidation and the boy reassures her that he'll "be back very soon."

War, however, is not what the boy imagines as he watches his friends get taken from him, and suddenly realises that his father was right. "In the midst of the battle he drops to his knees, with his father's words ringing in his ears." Meanwhile mum reflects on the days waiting for her husband to return and hopes that the same thing doesn't befit her son. "She hopes the flag locked in the drawer will never be draped in her arms like it was once before." The boy fights for survival so that he can be reunited with his mum. The end chorus hears the son telling his dad that although HE misses him, he simply can’t "break her [his mum's] heart again" and ends with the son telling his mother that his tour is over and "he's coming home."

You can hear the track on your favourite digital platform from Friday 30th April

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