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New Release from Saskia Vese - 'Headlights'

UK’s Country-Rock Darling Saskia Vese Gears Up For Her Highly Anticipated New Single “Headlights” which was released on July 12th.

Affectionately known as the “Wonder Woman of Country Music,” Saskia Vese has been climbing the charts and winning over hearts with her catchy choruses, wholesome story-telling lyrics and angelic vocals. Her signature sound has captivated Country fans all over the world and continues to raise the bar with her upcoming melodic new single “Headlights.” An anthemic song about a special person that becomes a shining light in your life as a partner, lover and best friend. That person you can tell anything/everything to unconditionally where the love is endless and the trust is beloved; and would be otherwise lost without them.

Since taking an extended break from touring due to the COVID19 pandemic, Saskia Vese has been spending much of her time writing and recording new music in the studio along with collaboration efforts from other songwriters and producers both from the US and UK. Before she re-entered the studio recently, her prior and most recent single “Say Hello” amassed massive critical acclaim and garnered an insatiable following from Country Music fans from all over the world – and is expected to do the same (if not better) with this highly anticipated upcoming single.

The song has beautifully subtle verses with thoughtful lyrics and melody choices; leading the listener through a blissful lyrical journey through the eyes and heart of Saskia herself. Her band consists of catchy chord progressions and a tightly knit rhythm section that effectively encompasses Saskia‘s vocal approach while setting the tone through each measure and transition, assuring precise parallels between content and composition. The chorus is powerful, soul soothing and is definitely the standout of this song with the melody choices and energy encapsulated by the band members following Saskia‘s lead. It’s an unforgettable tune with unwavering staying power that’ll bring you back to the track time and time again after your first listen.

Most notably, Saskia Vese is well known for being a diverse artist who is not afraid to try out new genres of music to expand her artistic merit. She always ensures her songs are catchy, fun and easy to dance to in any atmosphere or setting. With her new single coming up just around the corner, she’ll be continuing to do all of the above while exploring new boundaries and broadening her horizons. The new single “Headlights” is slated for release on July 12th and will be available in over 30 music stores as well as several digital music streaming platforms. Mark your calendars, cause this will be one of Country Music’s most crucial releases of 2020 for any fan of the genre.

Those interested in adding new country rock to their playlists, featuring “Headlights” on their site, or interviewing Saskia Vese for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below.

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