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NEW MUSIC: Paul Jupe - Home Town

Paul Jupe is a country-rock singer-songwriter from Hampshire, UK and, having toured, written and recorded internationally for 30 years as part of bands, Paul finally decided to embark on a solo career in 2020.

Since releasing his first single ‘Home Town’ in June 2020, Paul has received international radio play and has co-hosted a show on Radio Downtown, CA. This led to multiple nominations from the UK Country Radio awards and was recognised and awarded at the Fair Play Country Music Awards, Holland.

Home Town’ is the title track of Paul’s brand new album and entices together the theme of the whole album which relates to gratefulness and thanks. Specifically, this song relates to Paul’s own acknowledgement of the beautiful, quent, country town that he gets to call home.

Written during the Covid Lockdown, this album has eleven songs all of which hold a special meaning for me. The songs I have written for this album are about life, love, being grateful for what we have, and the lessons learned.

From the powerful, rock-fuelled tracks like ‘Late Night by the River’ and ‘My Bride’ to the emotive and delicate ballads like ‘Higher Love’ and ‘Mother’, this Album showcases the full spectrum of Paul’s capabilities.

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Paul Jupe's artistic prowess continues to shine, making 'Home Town' a must-listen for those craving soulful melodies and evocative lyrics. 🚀✨ Promote your music with the purchase of 1k spotify followers.

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