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My First Thoughts Review: Andrew Jones - 'Reminds Me of You'

Andrew Jones is a country singer-songwriter from Oxfordshire. Andrew has been performing on the country music circuit for the best part of 10 years fronting a couple of different bands however, recently he has taken the time to focus on writing and sharing his personal stories.

Andrew's explains that his brand new single 'Remind Me of You' is a journey through life away from home, missing loved ones and finding small subtle reminders of them along the way. "I never really focused on these feelings while I was in the moment but upon reflection it was a real ache".

The song begins with a beautiful traditional country instrumentation including a pedal steal, slow electric guitars and Andrews incredible vocals. The presentation of the song combines a sense of Garth Brookes and Brad Paisley - the lyrical content and the story - flawless. This song deserves to be heard, everywhere.

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