Music Advice Exchange Presents - First Cut Song Contest

  1. Music Advice Exchange and MAE Collaborations in conjunction with Forever British Country and Dead Crow Road are holding a song contest for new writers. Please read carefully the rules below.

  2. The winning song song will be recorded by Dead Crow Road and released to all digital platforms on Band of Sisters records.

  3. We’re looking for Rock, Country, Country Rock or Americana or any song that can be recorded in one of those styles. We are happy to adapt so long as the song lends itself to that.

  4. The band will make a video at their Dark Side studio

  5. The song will be performed at a Dead Crow Road gig.

  6. We have been promised at least one radio play on Freddy Cannon’s weekly Nashville show and the song will be promoted to Country Radio stations and DJ’s.

  7. The judges include hit writers, Tim Frazer, Fred Fairbrass (Right Said Fred), David Mindel and Dead Crow Road’s Steve Hampton.

  8. Rules

  9. 1 ONLY one song may be entered per songwriter. Send your best.

  10. 2 You may enter if none of your songs has been recorded and commercially released (including to streaming and Youtube) by another singer or band.

  11. 3 If you are also an artist, you may enter if you have self-released no more than two singles or one 4-track EP with no record label or music publisher involved. None of the songs released may be entered.

  12. 4 The demo may be just you and guitar or a full group recording. We’re judging the song not the singer or production. No a capella recordings, though.

  13. 5 You will continue to own the entire copyright, but agree to Dead Crow Road re-arranging the song to suit their style. The master recording shall be owned by Dead Crow Road/Band of Sisters Records

  14. 6 All the above rules apply to co-writers also, but feel free to collaborate with members of this group. That’s what it’s there for.

  15. 7 We will shortlist the best entries and we will list the ‘finalists’ on the MAE Collaborations page. Then we will pick a winner.

  16. 8 You accept full responsibility for any claim for breach of copyright or plagiarism made in regards to the song.

  17. 9 You may use the Dead Crow Road recording and video to promote yourself, and the song.

  18. 10 Entry date is from today and closes March 20th. No song will be accepted after that date.

  19. Send an MP3 with title and copyright information to Good luck.

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