'Lie to Me', the new single from Louise Parker is out on Friday June 26th.

Modern country-pop artist Louise Parker releases new single ‘Lie to Me’ on Friday 26th June. The track is a breathtakingly honest new release for the Essex based singer and sees a slight change in direction for her first solo single of the year. A full band track featuring acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, piano and violin, ‘Lie to Me’ opens with a haunting vocal that encapsulates the sheer vulnerability displayed throughout the song.

Louise Parker:

'‘Lie to Me’ is born out of my indecisiveness; I was unhappy but wasn’t quite sure how it could be fixed. I am a human of simple pleasures. I don’t need flowers and gifts to make me happy, I need long deep conversations and hugs and sometimes, in this day and age, people find that hard to see. We have the whole world at our fingertips, information at the click of a button. This song is a reminder that, like everyone else, sometimes all I need is to be told everything will be alright.'

Lie to Me’ comes hot on the heels of the upbeat duet ‘If You Want Me To’, a song Louise wrote and recorded with UK/Canadian artist Joey Clarkson, which hit the top 5 of the UK iTunes Country Chart.

Despite the lockdown, it’s been an incredibly busy time for Louise Parker, who returned from the US just before the start of the year. An early highlight for 2020 saw Louise open the UK Country Music Spotlight Awards at the iconic Water Rats venue in London, before she was due to head out on a national UK tour in April. Sadly Covid-19 put paid to hitting the road, and Louise quickly made the move to streaming online. As well as her popular regular, ‘Going Viral’ streams, Louise has performed streams for Modern Age Music, Country on the Coast, Live in the Living Room, BringCountry2UK and the Nexus Festival (raising funds for the Music Venues Trust).

Earlier highlights of Louise’s career include back to back top 10 singles in the UK iTunes country chart in 2019, appearances on the popular TV show ‘Nashville’ and two performances at the world-famous ‘Bluebird Café’.

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