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Introducing Will Purdue

Will Purdue is a songwriter from the anti metropolis, yet beautifully quiet town of Whitchurch, Hampshire. Forever dreaming of escape and travel, he naturally turned to music as an outlet for teenage frustrations (and somewhere to put his quite dreadful love letters) and began to find himself addicted to the act of creating. He grew up on a nutritious diet of his mothers fantastic home cooked food, plus any junk he could get his hands on out of eyesight. He also drank deep from the classic songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen. In particular men who could paint fantastic visions of honest pain and stories of another time that a young man could be taken away to. ‘I was sat on a bus from Whitchurch to The Rhineland, (and what a bloody long journey that was!) locked inside with room to look inwards and dream, and at fourteen years old I knew that I had to be making trips out to Europe like this, but on a beaten up tour bus with great friends. OK at fourteen, I’m sure I was dreaming of some beautiful fans too’. He played guitar in various bands and projects, often chipping in with songs, but could never quite find the right genre or fit, and found that actually it wasn’t them, it was him. He needed to write and perform the songs that had been locked inside of him, recorded on his 8 track recorder at home, songs that had never felt the sun on their skin, songs that had never tasted freedom. Will Purdue slowly recorded his EP with Jo Meacham in the even more rural Hollington, at first only to record better versions of his instrumental bedroom songs. However Jo helped instil a confidence that he was hugely lacking and soon enough he was writing lyrics and melodies to the instrumentals, with writes and rewrites almost daily at times. The music took shape as they brought session musicians in to help create the first EP: A Past Life. A trip to Argentina, which featured a performance, a radio interview and a spontaneous recording session, gave that bit of extra motivation and belief that he really needed, and he came back to the UK with the fire in his belly that a musician really needs to get somewhere. A live video came quickly, shot with his new collective and filmed in his parents garage, before the gigs came thick and fast. Between June 2015 and the end of the year, Will and his fabulous collective had played 30 dates, including performances at The Joiners, Thekla and The Good Ship. Since going into the studio to record his own material for the first time, Will keeps getting those little electric shocks you feel, the ones that might hit you when you listen to your own music back, when you walk into a venue you’re about to play, or hear your music on the radio. He’s been featured on independent radio in the UK, Europe and South America, plus has been featured on BBC Berkshire. 2016 has started incredibly well, with a big performance up in Glasgow as part of The Celtic Connections festival followed a few weeks later with the filming of a brand new song, performed live inside The Roundhouse. Will Purdue is currently working on the first full album, and is writing daily, in the hope that people will love it and give him the opportunity to take to the road with his good friends and band mates. He is completely focused on taking further steps up the music ladder this year, and promises that if he is away he will make sure someone comes to look after his cat.

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