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Introducing - The Bloodstained Angels

The Bloodstained Angels - Debut Album - Out 29th February 2020

Born in the darkness on the edge of Glasgow, Scotland singer/songwriter James Nixon has been feeling the music since the womb, kicking along to Led Zeppelin. As a toddler, he set fire to his mum's old Dansette turntable, playing Status Quo's 'Rockin All Over The World' one too many times. His music education was his dad's record collection: every record The Beatles ever made, Rolled Gold by The Stones, the classic early 70s Rod Stewart solo albums and The Four Tops. He was inspired to teach himself guitar after literally getting swept off his feet and nearly getting crushed to death at his first gig: The Stone Roses at Glasgow Green.

The Lemonheads 'It's A Shame About Ray' was the eureka moment to start writing songs and the connection to his love of Gram Parsons and alt-country music. In in late teens/early twenties, at Uni and working at Flip Clothing in Glasgow, James wrote and home taped hundreds of songs, which he compiled into more than dozen albums, distributed among a few trusted confidants. A band followed, known as Colts, inspired by The Faces and Jimmy Miller era Rolling Stones; however, the sound from the speakers could never match the sound in James' head. Disillusioned, he gave up on music.

After spending time in Canada and a stint dog-sitting in New Jersey, James relocated to Aberdeenshire, in the north of Scotland. Moving from from place to place, he'd always take his old guitar in it's case, but would never flip the latches and take it out to play.

In 2014, everything changed. James younger sister Carole died. Bereft, he found himself writing songs again. The old tape recorder and Tascam 4 track were replaced by the voice memos app on his iPhone. Inspiration was drawn from the Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen albums that had formed the soundtrack to the missing years, especially 'Nebraska' and the story behind it. Over the next few years, James wrote an album a year but always found excuses not to do anything with it. It would always be next month, next year …

During this period, James adopted the artist name, The Bloodstained Angels, inspired by his love of the city of Melbourne and sport of Australian Rules Football. [In his teens, James played for Scotland at the sport. The Bloodstained Angels was the nickname of the South Melbourne Swans club, who relocated to Sydney in 1982.]

In early 2018, inspired during a double bill of Jaime Wyatt and Beth Bombara at Stereo in Glasgow, James vowed that he would record an album by the end of that year or give up music for good. He decided to write a brand new batch of songs, with the working title 'Songs For Evan' [with Evan Dando of The Lemonheads in mind]. After hearing Emma Pollock of The Delgados on Radio Scotland with Roddy Hart, James decided to record the album at Emma's Chem19 Studios in Blantyre. [Years earlier, Emma's husband, and Delgados drummer, Paul had mentored James on a Government New Deal Welfare programme.] It felt as though it was meant to be.

Between December 2018 and summer 2019 James spent several sessions at Chem19, working with Paul's brother, Jamie Savage on what would become 'The Bloodstained Angels' album. The theme of the album was inspired by Ryan Adams, 'Heartbreaker'. The songs cut back and forth through the stages of a love affair, from unrequited feelings, to falling like a stone for someone, to jealously, fear, break-up and regret.

To date, the first single 'Hearts Of Stone' has enjoyed airplay in Scotland, England and Canada. The album is scheduled for release on 29th February 2020 on CD, for digital download from Bandcamp and on all the usual streaming platforms.

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