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Introducing Harleymoon Kemp & First Thoughts Review: 'Space'

- First Thoughts Review -

'Space' is a light, summery, mid tempo country song, and is the first in a series of songs to be released by newcomer to the UK country scene, Harleymoon Kemp throughout the coming months.

'Space' takes me back to the 90's country sound. It has that style of country feel to it, but it also feels very modern and bang up to date. Harleymoon's vocal tone is very well suited to singing a country song and her diction is good as the most important thing about a country song is that you are telling your story to the listener.

This story is about feeling that flush of new love. She feels she has come alive since she met him and now all the plans she had made previously will have to be changed because they don't figure in her life anymore, and she knows its only a room with a bed, but it's her favourite place to be when she is in his 'space'.

Pedal steel and an occasional acoustic guitar strum and piano chord introduce this song to the listener. Then adding subtle percussion, finger clicks and rich harmonies into the mix 'Space' comes together to blend with, and frame Harleymoon's voice to perfection. The song builds in intensity throughout, before subsiding towards the last few bars and then picking up slightly to end this really enjoyable song with it's very catchy melody.

I loved it and just want to play it over and over again.

In a very short amount of time, Harleymoon Kemp has already achieved so much with this song alone. She premiered a clip of the video (below) on Loose Women and the song was number 1 on the digital sales chart (country music genre). 'Space' is already being played on Country Hits Radio by Chris Country, and will feature in the USA on next month. The song has also been supported on the major editorial playlists on TIDAL which is amazing.

I feel 'Space' has a really commercially viable sound and just on hearing this one song I feel that Harleymoon Kemp will have an exciting music career ahead of her.

Steam 'Space' here:

About Harleymoon Kemp

Harleymoon Kemp is the daughter of Spandau Ballet's Martin Kemp and Shirlie Holliman of Wham and is the sister of Capital FM DJ Roman Kemp.

‘Space’ is the debut release from UK singer-songwriter Harleymoon Kemp. Honing her craft between London, Nashville and LA, Harleymoon’s sound is influenced by a diverse pool of country and acoustic styles, including Norah Jones, John Mayer and Maren Morris. 

Harleymoon says...

“I wanted a romantic song as the first release before we get into the heartbreak stuff. The pain is coming next! ‘Space’ was a song that felt like candlelight, being in a sacred space, in a love that was otherworldly. It was produced by Fred Abbott of Noah and The Whale.”

In addition to her own musical output, Harleymoon has penned hit songs 'Keep it To Myself' which charted in the top 10 in Eastern Europe for Jazzu and DJ Jovanni and followed up with 'Should have Known' and '20 Seconds' with streams in the millions. She co-wrote 'Is She Gonna Be There' for Violet Skies which has nearly 3 million streams. This year Harleymoon also wrote a viral song on TikTok reaching 1 billion shares and has two commissioned songs - the title music to ITV show 'Sunday Best', and a VW commercial in June 2020. 


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