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Honey Ryder Interview & Video's

We sent some questions to Lindsay O'Mahony, lead vocalist with Honey Ryder last week, this is what she had to say.....

Q - How long have you been writing and performing together?

Honey Ryder launched their first album ‘Rising Up’ in 2009 but the current formation (of Jase, myself and Matt) have been together since 2012 and we’re now finishing our fourth album.

Q - If you could invite the people who have influenced you in your music career to a dinner party, who would you invite?

Oh wow this is a tough one to whittle I’d go for Stevie Nicks, Dolly Parton, Sheryl Crow, James Taylor, Carol King and Karen Carpenter....but there are SO many more to choose from!

Q - If you were to take one well known song and put your own country twist on it, which song would you choose?

I’d quite like to have a go at a Nirvana track - something like ‘Come as you are’ - also I love Lewis Capaldi’s hit - ‘Someone you loved’

Q - If you had the chance of performing anywhere in the world, Where would your dream venue be?

The Grand Ole Opry.....and Wembley!

Q - What is your favourite thing to do when you are not performing?

Hanging out with my family and friends....I love people and I love dancing, food and wine - not necessarily in that order!

Q - What excites you about the British country scene?

The fact that it’s audience seems to be growing by the day....

Q - Tell us the most unusual gig you've played, be it the venue or the situation you found yourselves in.

When we first started out we did a series of gigs in schools around the country which felt quite odd at times but was often very gratifying as the kids were incredibly receptive.

Q - The British country music scene is growing fast.  Each artist having their own take on what country music is to them.  How do feel that our music stands up against the music coming out of America at the moment?

I think there are some fantastic artists coming out of Britain at the moment - I especially like it when u can tell that it’s a British performer singing a country song as it makes them stand out far more and keeps it genuine.

Q - Where do you see British country music in 5 years time?

RULING THE WORLD!!!! On a serious note, I would love British Country music to be achieving more UK chart success but also to be recognised across the pond.

Q - What do you feel is the greatest achievement of your musical career to date?

Being asked to perform at the BCMF of course! But also having the opportunity to perform and be interviewed by broadcasters such as Terry Wogan and Bob Harris on Radio 2, and performing at The Royal Albert Hall which was undoubtedly a pinch me moment.....

Q - Where can we find you on social media?

Facebook - honeyryderband Twitter - @honeyryderband Instagram - @honeyryderband

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