‘Homeless’ The Debut Single by Reya Jayne

Released February 21st 2020

An English rose with a Nashville sound, Reya Jayne will release her debut offering with AWAL on February 21st 2020. The song is a perfect debut single for this artist, introducing her narrative lyric writing style by telling her own story of how she came to London and where she will go from here. This coming of age track is relatable to anyone who has ventured out of their hometown to follow their dreams.

Reya was inspired to write this song on her first trip to Nashville; ‘the home of country music’. Having seen songwriters such as Lori McKenna and Liz Rose at the Tin Pan South Songwriting Festival – and even getting to perform on stage with the latter – Reya fell in love with the city. There is even a nod to Tennessee in the bridge lyric!

With a long history of gigging in and around her hometown of Sheffield, Reya has spent the last four months on the London circuit, with many more shows to support the single confirmed for the run up to its release. To find out when and where, check out Reya Jayne’s social media:


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