Hearts and Horizons EP by Malcolm MacWatt

Broken hearts, lonely hearts, hopeful hearts and country hearts are beating on the new EP from Scottish songwriter Malcolm MacWatt.

With banjo, dobro and pedal steel in the mix, ‘Heart and Horizons’ fuses the best elements of country with modern production on four songs about grief, obsession, loneliness and endurance.

“I adore the emotive stories and honest grit of classic country and the darker heart of southern gothic,” said Malcolm. “At the same time I love the hooks and melodies of modern country and the delicate touch of homegrown folk music.”

So while “Hearts and Horizons” displays true country soul, London singer-songwriter Clare Portman was brought in to contribute her crystal clear backing vocals for a distinct British edge.

With the release of ‘Dial It Back’ in January 2020, MacWatt gained a new audience drawn to the album’s 70s rock-inspired production, however ‘Hearts and Horizons’ will reassure listeners that his country flame continues to burn bright.

'Hearts And Horizons' launches on Bandcamp, Spotify and all the major digital platforms on April 4th 2020. It is also available as a limited run CD.

Track Listing:

Raining Down In Nashville - this song is about loss and grief and was sparked by the tragic death of a young US country singer in a road accident in 2019.

Lie For Your Love (featuring Clare Portman) - is about the thin line between love and obsession. I’m saying that while I might not be the perfect, upstanding guy, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for your love. It’s complicated!

That’s How We Roll - there’s a stoicism and acceptance of life’s ups and downs that I think is more apparent in people who have a closer connection with nature.

Living Alone - we all want to find our soul mate but it’s not easy even in this modern age of dating apps and social media.

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