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First Thoughts Review: 'You' by Phoenix Morby

Due for release on all online download sites on 10th July, Phoenix's latest single 'You' is a heartfelt break up ballad. Although the relationship is over, its a sad time, he bears no grudges, and is remembering how good it felt when they were together. He wants to offer support to the other person by telling them that he will always be there for them. There is also a little hope in the song that maybe there is a chance of a reunion further on down the line.

I always love the stripped back feel to Phoenix's songs and this one is no exception. Produced by the amazing @donnamariesongs who also plays guitar alongside Phoenix on this track, the simplicity in the musical arrangement is what makes 'You' so appealing. You don't always want a busy song at full throttle. Throughout 'You' you can really hear the raw emotion Phoenix puts into the vocal performance. The song builds very subtly in the second verse by the introduction of a third guitar. There is a short understated guitar solo in between verses which mimics the gorgeous guitar riffs that are played throughout and is really in keeping with the rest of this lovely thoughtful song.

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