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First Thoughts Review: 'Woman Like You' by Deeanne Dexeter

As some of you probably know I am a huge fan of Deeanne Dexeter and have been since first hearing her sing at FSA fest in 2014. That was apparently the first gig the band had played and she really impressed me that night although she was poorly when she performed. So I have literally just realised that we saw Dexeter's first and last shows as a band, plus a few in between haha.

I have been waiting with anticipation for Deeannes new music to be released as the last time we had seen her perform, the band was headlining FSA Fest in 2018 in an emotional last concert. This latest release has seemed to have been a long time coming.

With the first exclusive radio play of 'Women Like You' being heard on Bob Harris Country on Radio 2 this tells you something about the calibre of Deeanne as an artist. In my opinion she has one of the most stunning female voices on the British country music scene and beyond. I don't think carving out a new rung on the British country music ladder will be an uphill battle for her as a solo artist, if this song is anything to go by.

'Women Like You' starts out with the guitar giving the song a reggae-esque feel and ends up with a fabulously rocky guitar riff. It is an uplifting song with catchy lyrics and plenty of sass. It has a determination about it but I guess we would all have that same determination if some woman was trying to muscle in on your man which is the story 'Woman Like You' is telling.

Showcasing Deeanne's vocal performance to perfection this song is pure genius.

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