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First Thoughts Review: 'Whistle in the Dawn' by The Orange Circus Band

On May 6th, The Orange Circus Band will release their latest album, Whistle in the Dawn

The band describes it as "an outstanding, diverse and uplifting collection of songs that take you from one age to another, one world to the next". 

My First Thoughts...

The folk inspired harmonies are blended with traditional olde world sounding fiddle, drum and guitar for a touch of bluegrass inspiration, that takes the listener on a musical journey. That is where I see the first 3 songs on Whistle in the Dawn and then breaking with that more traditional sound you come to a song called 'The Circus Song' which sounds as if the singer is singing through a megaphone and the double bass takes centre stage.

The next song 'Bare Naked' takes you back to the albums bluegrass roots and I can totally visualise 'H-H-High Me' being performed at an old time American village picnic with gingham tablecloths, large jugs of homemade lemonade and half the village square dancing and having a fabulous time.

'I Miss You' and 'The Past' are beautiful ballads and are my personal favourites on this delightful album.

Whistle in the Dawn will be available to purchase on all digital platforms.

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