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First Thoughts Review: 'When It Comes To Love' by O&O

'When It Comes To Love' is the latest single from O&O. It's all about arguments between couples. He's given her every excuse and she's got them all written down. She says he thinks he knows everything and he says she lets him know that he doesn't. She's only in it to win and he thinks she's a real piece of work. Egos are definitely getting in the way of the smooth running of the relationship. He knows he said things he shouldn't have and she didn't mean every word she said either.

Very relatable as we all say things to the people we love the most in the heat of the moment. Things that we know we should not have said. It's the same silly arguments that couples have all over the world but it doesn't really matter what you say back and forth to each other because 'When It Comes To Love' and when push comes to shove, you have each others backs and your love for each other is strong enough to survive it.

'When It Comes To Love' is a really catchy country pop song recorded during lockdown. The electric guitar riffs have a great tone. The first verse is interesting as it is bass guitar lead with percussion and claps only, putting emphasis on the vocals until the guitar comes back in followed closely by keys. The sound has built nicely then towards the end of the song the guitars and keys stop leaving multi harmonies with percussion and claps to take over until the song comes to the end.

Another really enjoyable song to add to your music library.

Accompanying the single, the duo have released an awesome new music video filmed exclusively on iPhone and using a host of different TikTok trends.

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