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First Thoughts Review: 'Those Were The Days' by TJ Walker

'Those Were The Days' was written in Nashville with a Nashville-based artist and songwriter called Don Gallardo. It was released to the world on 1st June 2020.

First Thoughts Review

The overall feel of the song puts me in mind of Bryan Adams in his heyday. 'Those Were The Days' is fine country rock with a really catchy melody and a great narrative that every one of us can relate too as we all hang our photos on the wall so that we can relive those favourite memories. I love the tone of the guitar while its playing its riff, and Tom has a hint of raspiness to his voice which I really like.

'Those Were The Days' has great international appeal so add it to your music library today.

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A little background behind the song:-

Tom and Don met at a publishers office only a few hours before Tom had to catch his flight back to London but they managed to get the whole song written completely, before Don dropped Tom off at the airport! 

When Tom got home he demoed 'Those Were The Days' and sent a copy back to Don.  They were both really happy with what they heard but then nothing happened with the song for a while.  Some time later, Don came across it on his computer, so he sent Tom a message saying that he should release 'Those Were The Days' and the rest is history.

'Those Were The Days' is a nostalgic look back at certain points in your life, the story told by the pictures hung on your wall.  Don put some very personal lines in the song, in particular about the line "There's that photo of our wedding day, before I spilled the wine on your dress".....he did actually spill red wine on his wife's wedding dress!!

I'm surprised he's still alive to tell the tale hahaha

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