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First Thoughts Review: 'The Year That Never Happened' Album by Joey Clarkson

Title track 'The Year That Never Happened' is a look back on a particularly difficult year and wondering how they got through it. Its a ballad with a lovely fiddle solo. Joey's songs 'Sort Yourself Out' 'This Ones On You' and 'Over You' even have a trumpet included in their musical arrangements which us unheard of for a country song but it somehow works and its nice to see boundaries being pushed. I can hear that influences have been taken from outside the country genre and integrated into it with great effect. Joey also has a softness to her voice that is very endearing to a listener. I think her song 'We Found Faith' is my personal favourite. Joey has spent a great deal of the last 5 years split between touring the west coast of Canada, Europe and illegally touring her music throughout the U.K. It wasn’t until recently that she fell deeply in love with a Scots Guard, got married and moved her life permanently here. Now, she resides in London and enjoys spending her time legally touring the U.K. Her performances have been described as captivating, personal experiences.

I hope you all enjoy the album as much as I did.

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