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First Thoughts Review: The Southern Fold - 'Save Your Soul'

The Southern Fold are a band from Kilkenny & Dublin in Ireland. They have a really good sound blending folk, blues, rock and country and adding Christian lyrics. The combination works really well together and I haven't heard songs with a religious meaning sung in this way before. It spreads an old message in a modern and pleasant way.

Before I knew it I had found that I didn't just listen to the single 'Save Your Soul' that I was supposed to be reviewing, I had listened to the whole album and my foot was tapping along.

If you follow religion and love country music then this whole album is definitely for you. 'Save Your Soul', was released on 8th October 2019 and was followed by the release of their full album 'Bible Fear' on 31st October 2019. Both are available on all digital platforms and physical CD's can be ordered from the link below.

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