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First Thoughts Review: The Frontier Three by E J O'Reilly

Three central stories, three instrumentals, two additional songs.

‘The Frontier Three.’ The narrative album explores mid-1800's America, when modernity pushed West and the foundation of the US was formed. The stories tell of the trouble and strife faced through 'God's Gun' 'The Expressman' and 'An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge'.

‘The Frontier Three’ stems from a childhood spent watching way too much American television, books given to EJ by his grandparents and a fascination with the Wild West.

My first thoughts about 'The Frontier Three' is that it is something completely different from any other album that I have listened too because of the theme running through it. Between military drum beats, narrating a story and guitar riffs this concept country album made for a refreshing change. With a subtle blend of Irish musical influences 'The Frontier Three' does indeed transport you to that time and that place in America's history.

'The Frontier Three' is available to download and stream on all services now.

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