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First thoughts Review: 'Suprisingly Grounded' Album By Clanna

- Reviewed For FBC By Linda Conway -

Clanna is an Irish folk singer from Northern Ireland intertwining country sounds within her songs from well known Irish singers such as Mary Black, Christie Hennessey, Maurice Dickson. Hardcore country fans will recognise an Alan Jackson song from her newest album release 'Surprisingly Grounded'. Clanna has been around within the music industry for many years within her band with her sisters The Hanna sisters so go check them out too. This is her second solo project, a follow up to the critically acclaimed 2017 album 'Under Illusions'. 

I must admit I had not heard of this Irish folk singer before so to sit and listen to an artist and album I had never heard before with no prior reviews, songs or word of mouth was refreshing and being introduced to this music this way was a joy in itself. I must say this album contains so many beautiful Irish Folk ballads that incorporates steel guitar sounds, piano and vocal and this minimal instrumentation lets you concentrate on the pure, soft and gorgeous vocal of Clanna herself. 'Surprisingly Grounded' also has a very Celtic sound to all the songs throughout this album. If you haven't heard her before she is in the similar vein vocally as the talents of Cara Dillion just to give you an idea of her style.  

As mentioned before Clanna has covered songs from Alan Jackson Mary Black, Christie Hennessey and Maurice Dickson. Clanna has also written a couple of songs herself on this album inspired by loss during this pandemic the world finds itself in. 'Surprisingly Grounded' shows me that everyone involved put a lot of thought into the arrangements of these songs and has created a body of work that is soothing, relaxing, beautiful and one you can close your eyes to escape and meditate for 40 mins approximately.

A solid body of work that is well worth listening to for all music lovers out there. I will be checking out more from this artist myself.

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The Older I Get

I Always Want You Near

Get Out Of My Mind

Let The Dust Settle Down

Don't Have it in Me

That's the Last Time

Remember Me 

Wine and Roses


Once in a Very Blue Moon

You Stood By My Mind

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