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First Thoughts Review: 'Sugartown Slim' EP by Sugartown Slim

Catching Fireflies introduces this EP to the world. Its a really catchy foot tapper reminiscent of country from the 90's in style. Featuring pedal steel guitar, it's all about feeling secure in your relationship and has a great guitar solo. It is swiftly followed by Where I belong which is another uptempo number. It tells the listener that the place he feels he belongs in, is home. With its full on instrumentation, key change and harmonies Where I Belong sounds somewhat anthemic.

Halleluyah! She's The One is a song about knowing instantly that she is the one for him even though she doesn't know him yet and he's only just set eyes on her. Its about a flirtatious courtship . The lyrics are "She's the one who always gets my train back on the rails", and the beat does indeed sound like its a train racing down the tracks.

I Turned Around, You'd Gone is the most beautiful break up ballad. Guitar picking and tinkling piano with the introduction of lap steel guitar. You can hear the emotion in Andrew's stunning vocal performance. He has a lovely tone to his powerful voice that reminds me of Elvis Costello so much so that it was a case of 'where have I heard that voice before?'

That's All Folks is an invite to come back for another listen in the future. A little bit of comedy showing a glimpse of the personalities of Sugartown Slim duo.

Harmonica alongside keys and banjo feature quite predominantly throughout this great EP giving Sugartown Slim an individual sound because it's that little bit different from what we are used to hearing. The guitar used has a great tone.

I thoroughly enjoyed this self titled EP by Sugartown Slim from beginning to end and recommend it highly. It is one of those EP's that definitely lifts your mood.

Available to download on all streaming platforms.

About The Band

Sugartown Slim are song-writers Andrew Mills (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, backing vocals)

& Andrew Giddings (keyboards, other instruments, backing vocals.)

Hailing from the South of England, Mills & Giddings have been multi-genre musicians and friends, both heavily involved in writing, recording and touring since the '80s.

In 2019 Mills' song-writing talents were reunited with Giddings' production skills resulting in a collection of original songs aimed at Artists who can progress the material.

Sugartown Slim can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and all major streaming platforms.

Follow Sugartown Slim here:-

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