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First Thoughts Review: 'Stand' by BGT's Jack & Tim

-- First Thoughts Review --

Released on Friday 3rd July, 'Stand' is a story about standing up against racism. Jack and Tim decided they could not stay silent on this emotive subject as it is incredibly important to them so they wrote this stunning, thoughtful acoustic ballad from a man of colours' perspective.

He is trying to understand the abuse he has been subjected too and is trying to find the best path in which to move forward in this all too troubled world we live in. He desperately wants the world to see him as a man first, before the colour of his skin. He wants to be seen as an equal.

From the tones of Jack and Tim's vocals, to the sublime harmonising, to the phenomenal guitar picking, to the narrative, 'Stand' has 'IT' in abundance. It has the wow factor.

I think these guys might just catapult British country music into the mainstream.

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The Jack & Tim Story begins long before their Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell on ITV's Britains Got Talent. Even before a little 11 year old Jack ripped up the stage in the West End while performing as lead guitarist Zack Mooneyham in  Andrew Lloyd Webbers "School Of Rock" Even before his unforgettable performance's on ITV's "The Voice Kids UK" And even still, before Tim's previous career as a music producer & songwriter back in the early 2000's. The Jack and Tim story really begins with a story about a great friendship between a father and son, a mutual passion for singing songwriting and guitars, and an unbreakable bond that can be clearly heard through their connection with music.  From busking together on the streets of Norwich, to a life changing moment at the London Palladium. Several Successful Singles later,  Jack & Tim have teamed up with Nashville based  Crowdfunding company Bandtwango, and with your help will head out to America in May 2020 to make  "The Nashville Album" The Story is only just beginning...

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