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First Thoughts Review: 'Skeletons' EP by Flatland Kings

'When We Were Young' opens this EP by Flatland Kings with a real sense of purpose. An anthemic sounding country rock song that uplifts your mood and makes you want to get moving.

It is followed by 'In All Its Glory' which has a slightly more pop feel with its lyrical phrasing but then it goes into a great guitar solo which re-affirms that this EP is indeed country rock. Title track 'Skeletons' has a softer sound with its acoustic guitar riff and it showcases Liam's vocal perfectly.

Saving Grace is a ballad that starts off with piano and vocal then introduces drums and guitars after the first verse and chorus which is dramatic and works really well. I do love a song that builds in intensity and this one does it brilliantly. The instrumentation subsides when you think the song is ending before building up again for a really great instrumental section to finish the song with. My favourite track. I loved it.

The 'Skeletons' EP is well produced and was released on 29th May. 'When We Were Young' and 'In All Its Glory' were both released as singles.

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