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First Thoughts Review: 'She's Mine' by Danny Smart

Country music may not have seemed like the most obvious career path for a young boy growing up in South Yorkshire, but for singer songwriter Danny Smart, direction came in the form of Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton tunes blasting on his parents’ car stereo. In the years since the release of his last single Go Go Go! in 2016, he’s been on the road collecting tales and techniques that will culminate in the release of internationally crafted new songs in 2020. Highlighted among them are the Blackbird Sessions, a collection of songs recorded at the iconic Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN.

'She's Mine' is the brand new single by Danny Smart. As soon as the beat kicked in, I was hooked. The song showcases the traditional country music genre with slick, modern production and husky rock vocals. A particular strong point of the instrumentation are the big electric guitar solos & the dynamic changes throughout that give the song an extra dimension.

From a lyrical perspective, a typical country music love song, cleverly written with brilliant storytelling that the listener can imagine and follow throughout.

Highly recommended.

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