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First Thoughts Review: 'Shadows On The Wall' By The Rising

The Rising’s new single “Shadows On The Wall” will be released on all platforms on 8th May. It is the latest offering to be part of their song a month strategy.

Country music typically tells a story through song and 'Shadows On The Wall' is no exception. "The song itself is a hard-hitting look at Child Abuse, raising awareness of it and also how it can be covered up in any family" says Chris..

From the outset 'Shadows On The Wall' has a determination about it. It is rockier than what we have been used to hearing from The Rising over the last 3 years and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. From its dramatic intro, building in intensity with great guitar picking and rolling on into Chris's stunning guitar solo, it really seems to showcase Chantelle's voice throughout and make it centre of attention.

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