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First Thoughts Review: 'Seven' An Album by Alf Hale

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Alf Hale releases his third studio album 'Seven' on Friday 31st July after a long break from touring the world in various bands. Much like Alf Hale’s previous releases, 'Seven' channels the dark underbelly of Southern American Country, Folk and Blues infused with his unmistakable English charm.

The album’s collection of songs shine a light on Hale’s inherent ability to couple his heart-on-sleeve lyrics and raw vocals with delicate guitar playing, telling a great story with such understated simplicity.

First Thoughts Review

It is really apparent from the outset of 'Seven' what an accomplished guitarist Alf Hale is. With beautiful finger picking and unfussy, simplistic musical arrangements throughout, this album gives the listener a stripped back vibe and showcases Alf Hales' heartfelt, emotional vocal performances. Alf's diction is good so the listener will have no trouble in hearing what each song is all about.

If you like a ballad then 'Seven' is definitely the album for you. 'Beautiful Boy' introduces this album perfectly. The guitars used have a beautiful tone that are reminiscent of the music you hear in old cowboy movies. 'Glory Bound' makes the listener want to clap along and be involved in the music. 'She's Going To Leave Me' has a lilting melody which is quite catchy and is my favourite track.

'Suffer And Die' is a song about mental illness and feels very dark which I guess would be intentional on the songwriters part as that is how depression feels. 'Thy Will Be Done' lifts the listener out of that dark place but looking back he realises that life has passed him by. In 'Dry White Bones' the tempo lifts slightly. It gently bounces along despite the narrative. It also has a lovely guitar solo. 'The Lonely And The Weary' has a really nice dominant guitar riff that runs throughout. 'The Painful Truth' is a bonus track that rounds this album off perfectly.

'Seven' is available on all online streaming and download sites on

Friday 31st July.

You can find links to Alf's socials and music below:

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