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First Thoughts Review: Searching for myself - Alex and the Wonderland (FEAT. Dana Immanuel)

First Thoughts Review

'Searching for myself' has a warm Americana/country feel with it's violin solo and marching drums. Its a cheery, up tempo song and it features Alex on guitar and piano, with his gravelly vocals right at the forefront of this song. Guest musician Dana Immanuel features on banjo, with Lara Lee singing backing harmonies.

'Searching for myself' is all about trying to decide on the right path that is going in the direction that you want your life to take.

'Searching for myself' was released on 8th May 2020 on all digital platforms.

Alex & The Wonderland - Searching for myself (Official Video)

Band Bio

In 2017 a small plant sprung to life from the bud of Alex Wonderland's imagination, aspirations, and melodic dreams. Leaves started to appear and grow on this plant, which soon waved in harmony, once fed rhythm. Since then, Alex and the Wonderland have hopped along through the rural lanes of England during summer festival seasons, and into the urbanised purple haze of London's best loved small music venues. They've shared cable adorned stages with the likes of Alabama 3, Ian Dury's Blockheads, and Toploader.

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