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First Thoughts Review: 'Running Back To You' EP By Laura Evans

Laura Evans releases 'Running Back to You’ EP on Friday 31st July.

Opening track 'Drag Me Back In' is a really sassy, uptempo rocky number. It certainly makes you sit up and take notice. Its about falling for someone that you know you shouldn't. He is a bad influence. You try to walk away but he'll "grab you by the heart and drag you back in."

The EP's title track 'Running Back To You' has a light summery feel to it that really just makes you want to get up and dance. It has a keyboard dominated musical arrangement with prominent crashing cymbals and lots of layered harmonies. It also has a gritty guitar solo.

'Mess Of Me' is a stunning break-up ballad about how she feels in its aftermath. It showcases the raw power and control of Laura's vocal to perfection. I love the tinkling piano performance during this song. I love that it is stripped back, raw and emotional. I love the periodic harmonies that fill out the sound to accentuate that part of the song. My favourite song on the EP.

'Take Me Back Home (Aberdare)' is a mid-tempo, catchy song about the place in the Welsh valley's that Laura calls home as she was born there. The listener will certainly get a feel for the place where Laura wishes to be, as the songs' lyrics describe it perfectly and Laura's diction is crystal clear.

In 'Running Back To You' (acoustic) the keyboard has been replaced with an acoustic guitar in its musical arrangement. The story behind this song is that she knows he is not the right person for her but she is compelled to keep running back to him.

Throughout this EP, Laura Evans has added homegrown traditions and technical expertise into her mix of country/blues, and blended with a hint of soul she puts that UK slant into her music. 'Running Back To You' EP showcases Laura’s versatility and shows she is not afraid to cross boundaries.

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