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First Thoughts Review: Rebecca Jayne releases 'Heart of Mine'

Strong willed Rebecca Jayne writes vulnerable apology with new single 'Heart of Mine

Drawing influence from the likes of Eva Cassidy, Shane McAnally, Lori McKenna and Natalie Hemby, Rebecca Jayne approaches each new song as a blank canvas for honest storytelling.

Rebecca wrote her new single ‘Heart of Mine’ during a trip to Nashville in 2019, as a follow up to a song called ‘I’m Not Saying I Don’t Love You’ which documented her personal experience of somebody truly loving her but being unable to love them back in the same way. In contrast, ‘Heart of Mine’ sees Rebecca reimagine the same events from the other person’s perspective. A difficult song to write, ‘Heart of Mine’ is Rebecca’s apology and a vulnerable confession where she wishes she had handled things differently.

From a lyrical perspective, the track is heartfelt and honest, filled with emotive lyrical content and evidently written from a place and personal experience. 'Caught in a landslide...' it is clear that Rebecca has worn her heart on her sleeve but also leaves room and space for the listener to reflect on the storytelling.

The accompanying instrumentation is incredibly well thought out and delicate - particularly with regard to the banjo, acoustic guitar and piano. The melody and instrumentation as a whole lift up the lyrical content and provide room for the lyrics to come to the forefront of the track in its entirety. It is not overcomplicated & encompasses a combination of folk, Americana and country elements that fit the premise of the song perfectly.

Having spent the last couple of years collaborating with some of the UK and Nashville's top writers,  'Heart of Mine’ will be the first in a series of releases from Rebecca over the next year or so. With a growing fan base, and guitar in hand, this is just the beginning for Rebecca Jayne...

Release: October 2nd


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