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First Thoughts Review: 'Pretty Little White Ones' By The Fargo Railroad Co.

Reviewed By Oliver Hopkins

My first thought as I listened to 'Pretty Little White Ones' for the first time was the feedback as the band came straight in with a cool, rocky, powerful riff which instantly pulls you in.

I really like as it enters the first verse, the band drop back to allow the vocal to be at the forefront, and they play only what's needed, then the song builds subtly to the second verse. It builds more intently into the chorus and has a cool, stadium rock feel, with its powerful riffs, its simplicity, and choice of chords, organ, then a resolve with a stop.

'Pretty Little White Ones' has a great tempo which just makes you want to nod your head. The singer also has good diction so it's adding to the stadium rock feel because its easy to sing along with.

'Pretty Little White Ones' has great musicianship and is well produced. Its a perfect length as it doesn't outstay its welcome. A great song.

Its rocky, its powerful and I'm looking forward to hearing more.

Available to download on all digital platforms.

Brief Band Bio...

The Fargo Railroad Company are a southern rock/americana band from Sheffield UK. Building a strong local fan base, their shows are dynamic soulful and rousing. Founded in 2013, the four-piece use a strong southern influenced sound as a vehicle for their songs of barrooms, broken relationships and a little bit of gospel.

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