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First Thoughts Review: 'Only Just Begun' by Lucy Blu

The opening number 'Row Your Own' is quite a lively affair to get you started and then Lucy sings the beautiful ballad 'Ready To Be Lonely' which is my personal favourite with a hint of a rocky guitar solo that could have gone on longer for me. It showcases Lucy Blu's vocal to perfection.

'Tequilla Made Me Do It' has a 60's vibe to it and it really gets you tapping your feet along to it. Reminding me of a great song by Jessica Andrews called 'Who I Am', 'Only Just Begun' has always been one of my favourites of Lucy's. It's a happy song that never fails to lift my mood.

Taking a slightly different course to the rest of the EP 'Worse Than Whiskey' is the rockiest of the songs featured. Rounding up the EP with style, 'Rock Salt And Nails' transports me to America's deep south. I can hear it being sung around a campfire at a village picnic.

Check it out here, then add it to your music library. Release Date 28th February 2020

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