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First Thoughts Review: 'One More For the Road' by Joey Clarkson, Two Way's Home & Peter Dixon

Chart-topping country artist, Joey Clarkson, and internationally touring folk/rock duo, Two Ways Home, have today announced the launch of their new single ‘One More For The Road’, which will be available to download and stream across all mainstream digital platforms from 9th October 2020.

Inspired by the divide caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the collaborators thought it ironic, yet fitting, that they originally hail from different corners of the earth. The song pays early tribute to the day when lockdown restrictions are entirely lifted.

The song begins with a delicate, smooth introduction and exquisite harmonies before exploding into a guitar-heavy, country driven chorus. The instrumentation and collaborative vocals provide a sense of motivation and hope & will definitely get you feeling good. Lyrics that stand out on first listen include 'we'll work through it', a positive message that a lot of us need to hear during this period of uncertainty.

'One More For the Road' is an upbeat anthemic track that will no doubt get you singing along! Throughout, it engages and encourages the listener to set aside worries and focus on the good things that are to come once this is all over.

To engage fans with the release, while keeping in line with current social restrictions, the group are holding a Zoom party on the day of their release, which will include games, quiz questions, some live music performances, and the chance for call participants to ask the foursome questions about their new single.

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