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First Thoughts Review: 'One Drop Of Water' by Larissa Tormey

Larissa Tormey's latest single that was released on 4th April, is a cover of a little known Ralph Stanley gospel bluegrass song called "One Drop Of Water" that was released back in 2005.  It is a really catchy uptempo foot tapper with broad based appeal.

The message the story conveys is that we really don't need very much in life to keep us all content and you can't help but feel happy when you listen to it.

Chorus lyrics...

"Give me one drop of water, the rich man cried from Hell One drop of water, but still no water fell He always was a selfish man, his heart was filled with greed Now a little drop of water is all he'll ever need" 

Larissa wants to continue following the gospel route that her music is taking, and is going to be releasing a new album in September so keep an eye out for it.

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