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First Thoughts Review: 'Not Scared Anymore' EP by Kelsey Bovey

First Thoughts Review

I am sure since lockdown a lot of you will be familiar with the name Kelsey Bovey and know her music as she has performed in a good few live stream performances. Due for release on 26th June, Kelsey's EP 'Not Scared Anymore' is a collection of four foot tapping country pop songs.

'Magnetic' reached number 2 in the iTunes country chart and it has a very catchy tune that lifts your spirits when you are feeling a little emotional like I am right at this moment.

The narrative of each song conveys a maturity beyond Kelsey's tender years. From 'Out of Our Minds' which explores that feeling of great love that is grown from living a life together, through the excitement of finding unexpected love in 'Magnetic' to supporting a friend through their ups and downs in 'Not Scared Anymore' and 'Hold Tight Sit Still' where she is having a conversation with a person who has hurt her deeply, Kelsey explores her feelings through all these experiences and then shares them with the world through this fantastic 'Not Scared Anymore' EP.

Pre-order on iTunes and pre-save on Spotify because you definitely need to add this charming EP to your music library.

About Kelsey

Her tone is youthful and rich in treble... heartfelt, captivating, and uplifting. Watch this space, Nashville - there’s a new 'Kelsey' on the block…

Kelsey Bovey is a Country Pop artist from Bristol, UK who aspires to make music that will empower the lives of young people. Kelsey prides herself on writing songs from personal experiences that she hopes others will relate to. She is able to bring a level of intimate vulnerability in her lyrical content that is open-minded and diverse, and is combined with a slick country-pop production.

Kelsey has been recognised for her potential and talent as a songwriter and vocalist - she was named one of Duggystone Radio’s emerging artists to watch in 2020 and has been nominated for three Fair Play Country Music Awards. The Netherlands.

In May 2020, Kelsey released her new single ‘Magneticwhich reached #2 in the UK Country iTunes single [#65 all-genre] and has been extraordinarily received by her followers, independent, and national radio including Chris Country and Country Hits UK. This track is the lead single on her forthcoming EP ‘Not Scared Anymore’.

This EP showcases my outlook on life and wanted to prove that my past experiences don’t hold me back from being true to myself. I felt ‘Not Scared Anymore’ was the right way to represent this EP as it sums up the growth that I have experienced. If you’re looking for music to let your hair down to this is the one for you!

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