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First Thoughts Review: 'Night Out In Nashville' by Ross Hemsworth

This is a first for Forever British Country as it's a review with a difference. Ross Hemsworth is a UK songwriter and former TV & radio presenter, who pitches the songs he writes to other artists. He is also a member of the U.S. Songwriter's Hall of Fame and he has a great radio friendly new song with a great hook which is looking for the right voice, preferably someone with a label behind them.

'Night Out In Nashville' was co-written with Mike Marshall and Alice Offley and is 90's era country in style. It has an up tempo beat and is unmistakably country with its musical arrangement with a Blake Shelton meets Dolly Parton feel to it.

I would say 'Night Out In Nashville' has been recorded either in Nashville or with the Nashville market in mind as the singer showcasing this song sounds as if she is from America's deep south as there is a spoken sentence which rather gives her away, but the sentence really does fit well into 'Night Out In Nashville's musical arrangement.

I am looking forward to hearing the voice chosen to sing this song and I also wish writers Ross, Mike and Alice every success when it is finally released.

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