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First Thoughts Review: Mike Ross 'The Loser'

Mike Ross is well-known to Rock fans as one of the trio of guitarist frontmen in the powerhouse band RHR (named after the line-up of Troy Redfern, Jack J Hutchinson and Mike Ross). Having spent a number of years developing his solo work that combined fuzz-charged Heavy Blues and powerful Rock, Mike Ross is preparing to release hi new solo album 'The Clovis Limit Pt.2'.

'The Loser' is the first single to be released off the album and was written to "inspire listeners who feel alone or defeated". Mike Explains that the song is "a call to action: a rallying cry for the lonely and disaffected; a balm for the soul, for those who are reeling from the hurt caused when slamming against a hard, unyielding reality".

The track displays an old school country feel, accompanied by light blues and rock instrumentation which is to be expected from Mike. It begins with a gentle acoustic guitar sound and accompanying whistle before Mike's vocals are introduced. His voice brings an husky rock feel to the song which complements the instrumentation well. I really appreciate the simplicity in parts - the laid back electric guitar and acoustic chord progression which allows the lyrical content to come to the forefront.

A solid first single and really looking forward to what's to come from the album!

'The Loser' is part of a new 10-track solo album ‘The Clovis Limit Pt.2’ which will be released on Friday 30th October.

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