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First Thoughts Review: 'Maple State' by Becky Lawrence

Becky Lawrence is a country music singer-songwriter from the Isle of Man who takes influence from the likes of Dolly Parton and Reba McIntire, two of country music's leading women. Becky was drawn to the storytelling in country music, and has discovered that country music seemed to encompass more passion, and her own lyrics just seemed to just fit the genre.

Following Becky's announcement as a finalist for Artist of the Year at the 2020 UK Country Music Awards, her summer single 'You Say' hit #1 in the UK Country iTunes Chart.

'Maple State' pays tribute to Becky’s time spent in Calgary (Mohkínstsis), Canada, and acts as an ode to the lakes and mountains she visited while she was there.

“Canada is the only place in the world, other than the Isle of Man, where I feel at home. I have always felt a natural affinity with Canada and was ecstatic to finally have the opportunity to visit and take in the breath-taking, cinematic scenery.”

Throughout the track, the traditional elements of country music shine through in the instrumentation. You can definitely hear Carrie Underwood & Reba McIntire influences in Becky's vocals which complement the acoustic guitars in the verses and accompanying strong drumbeat in the chorus. The lyrical content encompasses Becky's passion for the country where 'her heart lives' and wants to share this with her listeners.

The middle 8 provides a fresh pause in the song, allowing the listener to be transported to the mountain views and memories that Becky recalls. Heavy guitars and Becky's strong vocals bring the song home - a punch country music driving song which will definitely be one for driving down the 'Maple State' highways!

'Maple State' is now available to re-save:

Release Date: 12th October (Canadian Thanksgiving)


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