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First Thoughts Review: 'Lonely' by Stuart Landon

Stuart Landon is a well-established artist within the Country Music Scene, who has captivated audiences with his unique vocal tone, musicianship and exquisite songwriting.

The new single 'Lonely', was written by Landon and inspired after hearing his manager speak of her battle with cancer and life threatening illness. Speaking of the experience, Landon says "Unfortunately, my manager found out that she had the disease and she had to bravely fight it. I watched first-hand how someone who was facing this horrible journey could be, in public, so brave, and adopt a what will be will be attitude".

There is no doubt that this song has come from a place of personal experience and hardship. Landon has created an authentic, honest and relatable lyrical content, showcasing his incredible songwriting ability and bringing the song to the heart of what country music should be about.

From a musical perspective, the instrumentation and production gives the song that additional dimension. In the first verse and accompanying chorus, the piano and melancholy steel guitar provide an elegant and emotional element that allows the lyrical content to come to the forefront. The vocal delivery is delicate and as the song progresses, the big guitars and strong drum beat create a powerful imagery.

Release: Monday 29th June

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Release: Monday 29th June 2020

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