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First Thoughts Review: 'Little Man' by Alex Krupa

On the first hearing of 'Little Man' it just puts me in mind of something Brad Paisley would sing. It's un-fussy in its musical arrangement and starts with acoustic guitar and just a lone voice before the introduction of piano and percussion. I love how it goes quiet in sections, stripping it back to basics of just the guitar and vocal before re-introducing the piano and percussion to fill the sound back out. It puts real emphasis on certain parts of the song. Lots of light and shade.

The vocal is deep and husky and every word is crystal clear which is so important for telling a story in a country song. As you have probably guessed from the title, this a fathers open letter to his son. He gives advice and assurance at important times in his sons' life. Every parent in the world will very easily relate to 'Little Man'.

It's a song I want to play over and over.

I highly recommend adding 'Little Man' to your music library.

Available on all download sites now.

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