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First Thoughts Review: 'Learning To Be Still' by Phil Hooley

This is the third single to be taken from Phil Hooley's forthcoming album “Songs From The Back Room”.

Written during lockdown, produced by Justin Johnson and recorded with Scott Poley on pedal steel and guitars, Simon Goulding on bass, Donna Marie on acoustic guitar and piano.

Mel Osten sings harmony and Justin plays drums.

'Learning To Be Still' is a beautiful ballad full of luxurious pedal steel guitar riffs and husky vocals.

I love the introduction to this track. I love the dramatic guitar riff and the introduction of the piano which fills out the sound. Phil's vocals have a quietness about them. Clear, comforting and reassuring somehow and that is because the storyline in this song is all about a journey. He is travelling through his life with the one person who he feels totally at ease with. He is 'Learning To Be Still' as the years pass by.

Stream 'Learning To Be Still' here:-

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