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First Thoughts Review: 'Just Another Name' by The Rising

First Thoughts Review:

Over that last 3 years The Rising have really honed their individual sound and this new single is no exception, suiting Chantelle's voice down to the ground. This very talented duo recorded, produced and mixed the single themselves at their own studio with both Chantelle and Chris playing every instrument and performing every note. Catchy country pop hooks are what The Rising are becoming known for. Long may it continue.

The Rising are fully embracing being independent Do It Yourself artists, and they are enjoying the freedom of having full creative control of their music. They have vowed to produce a single every month to keep in line with how people stream their music these days.

'Just Another Name' will be released across all digital and streaming platforms on 27th March 2020

Song Bio by The Rising

Northern Irish Country Pop/Rock Duo The Rising return with their fresh new single, “Just Another Name”.

The song is about two main themes, bullying and a toxic relationship. Based around the idea that no matter how much someone may push you down or try to make you feel bad, things will get better and that person will just be another name in the history book of your life. A message that no matter how bad things can seem you can be anything you want to be and don’t let anyone hold you back from realising your dreams.

The particular angle we chose is that both songwriters Chantelle and Chris were badly bullied in school. So they wrote about their experiences and how they both found solace in their music. Hence the idea that “some day when my name is in lights, you’ll look back and see what you missed”. We are sure many people can relate to that message.


Twitter: @therisingmusic

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