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First Thoughts Review: Joe Martin releases 'It Doesn't Rain in LA'

Joe Martin is a UK artist from Lancashire who writes with a quality of empathy beyond his years. His observational song-writing captures the experiences of people close to him and imagines the stories of those he meets in passing. He grew up listening to the greats and the influence of artists from Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt to Jason Isbell and Kacey Musgraves are evident in his sound and lyrical style.

The new single 'Doesn't Rain in LA' was written with Nashville-based songwriter Vinnie Paolizzi and 'grapples with the denial of not wanting a friend to leave their hometown and searches for a reason that will convince them to stay'.

The song comprises the honest and relatable lyrical content of a true country song in combination with old-school & modern elements of country and subtle-rock, a sound that is refreshing to the British country scene. The strong metaphorical comparison to a flower that isn't ready to bloom is just one of the many strong lyrical encounters that the listener has and can relate to - a heartfelt understanding of talent, yet a delicate plea to stay.

When speaking of the track, Joe says,

"I guess most people have gone through the experience of someone close to them leaving town. It's never a good feeling. Sometimes your emotions can become clouded and you might try and talk the person out of it. Maybe because you’re selfish, other times because you genuinely think they're making the wrong decision.”

Joe doesn't just sing this song. The listener is transported into the life and the experience of the writer and the emotion that comes with it. Filled with striking electric guitar & powerful rhythm, this song is one you'll find hitting the repeat button for.

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