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First thoughts review: Jade Helliwell releases 'Telephone'

Born and raised in a small town in West Yorkshire UK, Jade Helliwell's world was burst open in 2017 when a video of her singing with a busker on a night in Leeds went viral. It quickly amassed 23 million views across Facebook and YouTube, and her previously released EP ‘Forget the Night’ shot back into the UK charts, reaching #1 in the country charts and #8 in the official charts. She became a Yamaha endorsed Artist, left her job as a teaching assistant to carve a career in music, and has never looked back.

Jade draws her influence from the likes of Maren Morris, Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradbery, whilst being inspired by the true country music greats such as Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton when it comes to lyrical content and honest storytelling.

In 2019, Jade lost her Grandmother, and as 2020 has been an incredibly difficult time for many, but even more so for Jade as she lost her Grandfather & felt the absence of her Grandmother all the more. Her new single 'Telephone' has become a short letter two her Grandparents and talking of the single, Jade says; "I think this will resonate with people who wish they could speak to their loved ones over the festive period. It means the world that something so personal to me can be translated so well to someone else.”

The track begins with a delicate acoustic ambience that sets the tone of thought and sadness. The instrumentation combines traditional country elements with a modern production that really emphasises her musical influences. It's simplicity reflects the heartache and emotion, complementing the exceptional honesty in the lyrical content. From the opinion of one country music lover, this song must compete to be one of the best written songs by a UK Country artist this year. So many of us have experiences love and loss this year, and Telephone captures those feeling perfectly.

Available to stream & download on all major digital platforms.

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