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First Thoughts Review: 'In this Town You're Owned' An Album by Robert Vincent

'In This Town You're Owned' takes the listener on a musical journey through some of the states of America, taking influences from deep south gospel with 'The Kids Don't Dig God Anymore' then venturing south of the border into Mexico with the very melodic 'The Ending' which I first heard when Robert sang it acoustically for us for one of our acoustic sessions back in July and I must say it is my favourite song on the album.

'In This Town You're Owned' also dips into different decades from the 60's rockabilly style of 'My Neighbours Ghost' to the psychedelic 70's feel of the very thought provoking 'Husk Of A Soul'.

Alongside great guitar playing, military sounding drums, banjo picking, sublime fiddles and tinkling piano can all be heard on this superb album.

The songs are long. Robert Vincent had a lot to say. 'In This Town You're Owned is Americana at its very finest.

Available now to download at all the usual places. You are going to want a copy of this superb album in your music library.

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