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First Thoughts Review: 'I Want You' by The Rising

Set for international release on 10th July 2020, 'I Want You' is the latest single from The Rising.

It's quite a bouncy song erring on the side of country pop and it shows a little of Chantelle's personality because there is a little giggle written into the songs arrangement.

I was not expecting to hear this instrument at all but there is a trumpet fanfare introducing this song which has all the key elements in place. Percussion, great finger picking on the guitar and a guitar solo.

I think from the title of the track 'I Want You' you can work out the narrative of this song. Its a 'falling for you' song. Trouble is, the person she has fallen for is already attached. Will she get him in the end though? You can actually hear the excitement at the thought of what's to come in Chantelle's vocal performance. The Rising really do love to tell a story through their songs and this one is no exception.

Another great summery song to add to your collection.

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