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First Thoughts Review - 'Humble And Kind' by Scott Nicholls

Scott Nicholls has released a lockdown version of Tim McGraws Humble And Kind which I consider quite brave considering the magnitude of this particular song.

With Covid-19 making him put his touring plans on hold for the forseeable future, Scott has kept himself busy by recording new music during lockdown and Humble And Kind is a great way to remind us all to always look out for each other when times are tough. I think it was the perfect choice.

I have obviously heard of the song before but this is the first time I have actually listened to it, so I review Humble And Kind with fresh ears and no bias and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I can see why it's title gets quoted all the time.

Humble And Kind starts off with lovely guitar picking and Scott's lone vocal before he introduces some keys. The song slightly builds in intensity when the harmonies and finally drums join this beautiful instrumentation. The song continues to build subtly until you get to the most amazing guitar solo which I absolutely loved. I just want to put it on repeat haha. It has a really rocky feel before the instrumentation subsides once more and Scott's vocal becomes the main focus. I have to say the harmonies throughout are really on point. They sound immense and are what makes this song work so well.

I thoroughly recommend you add Humble And Kind to your music library whether you have the original or not. Its wonderful.

Released on 12th June 2020 to all digital platforms.

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