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First Thoughts Review - Howlin' Anton Bleak - "Stranger Country" Album

Acoustic guitars and piano riffs feature alongside mouth organ, fiddle, electric guitars and percussion. I think the musical arrangements are very interesting as they take influence from, and blend, a few genre styles from blues and metal. I think the musicianship throughout this 'Stranger Country' album is great too.

Anton's vocals are crystal clear throughout which is always very important because as we all know, country songs are little stories set to music, but I'm not really sure how listeners will react to the gruff, talking vocal style. It's a very niche sound within a very niche genre in the UK.

This album really pushes the country genres boundaries to the limit and I guarantee that you won't have heard a country song sung in this way before.

For when you want to hear something really alternative, hear it here on Spotify,

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