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First Thoughts Review: 'Higher Love' - Paul Jupe

'Higher Love' is a slightly gritty sounding love ballad. He is telling her how much her love and continual support gives him the strength to battle through all the trials and tribulations of everyday life..... Or is it? On third or fourth listen a whole new meaning to this song emerged.

It's a song that builds in intensity very gradually and you instantly hear that little bit of gravel in Paul's vocal which somehow blends with, and enhances the tone of the guitars to perfection. Steady sounding drum fills and sublime banjo picking that is so subtle that sometimes I doubt my ability to hear it in this superb musical arrangement at all, making 'Higher Love' a must have addition to your music library.

Paul Jupe's "Higher Love" is due to be released July 28th.

Produced by @garryKingMusic

Mastered by @GeorgeBoussounis

Bass guitar @LucioManca

Presave on spotify

or preorder on

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